Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What will the yr 6 social be like?

Well, the yr 6 social is on Wednesday. I day to go!! My mum is dressing me up like a girl from the 50's. I have a black dress with flowers that are white, yellow, mint and coral colours. We haven't got me any shoes, but I might be wearing ankle socks. I have a mint bead necklace and some leopard print sunglasses. I have no idea what my hair will look like. I also have an eggshell colored hand bag. We have been learning the dances hard out and I know them pretty well now. Apparently, the social has been going on for many years for all the year sixes. I can't wait!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cliff Jumping Recount.

This week we have done recounts. I did mine on my fave thing to do when I'm camping. Cliff Jumping! This was my second time doing it but I was terrified all the same! :-)

My Recount
Success Criteria
  • Title: Relates to events / experiences being retold
  • Orientation or Introduction: Provides information about who, when, where and why,
  • Events - in order of time - in paragraphs with supporting details
  • Personal Comment: sums up the events / experiences
  • Past tense - with time words e.g. by now, during, then, after that and past tense verbs e.g. climbed, found, leapt, clambered, was
  • Choosing the best words as you can
  • Your best punctuation and spelling

Make sure you choose an event or experience you remember well!

Cliff Jumping.
Summer 2014

I gingerly dipped my toes in the freezing water, not wanting to get in. Mum and my sister called encouragement from further up the beach. My dad was already a little way in the water. He turned around and motioned for me to follow him. I took a deep breath and doggy paddled out to meet him. When I got there I clung to his back like a chipmunk. He started out into the deeper water and the current got stronger. Dad’s feet left the bottom and we were gliding down the river at tremendous speed. Paddling forward, we reached the slippery rocks that marked the bottom of the cliff.

I scrabbled over the rocks, anxious to get out of the water. Dad helped me up. The stone felt rough under my bare feet. I started up the cliff. It was overgrown with weeds and plants and rocks jutted out in awkward places. We finally reached the top. Dad was ready to go. He told me he would jump first and I would follow him.

I watched him spiral down towards the strangely calm water and land with a huge splash. I gulped and stared down at the water. I didn’t want to jump. But I had to. Mum and my sister shouted comforting words. I took a deep breath and jumped. I hung, suspended in the air before plummeting down towards the river. I splashed into the water and felt the cold blanket close over my head. I popped up laughing. I felt like I wanted to carry on doing this for the whole day. It was the best fun I had had in my life.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Poem Week 2

She’s a:
Pug Hugger
Joke Hunter
Kit-kat thief
Craziness Chief
Beauty Queen
Mine craft Keen
Furiously Funny
Cheeky Monkey
Completely Carefree
Always Agrees
Football Lover
Older Sister
Seriously Smart
Huge Heart
Scary-Movie Watcher
Awesome Daughter
Video Games
Lots Of Brains
So glad I have,

Friday, October 30, 2015

RWC Independent Task

Rugby World Cup Independent Tasks- Choose at least 3

Task 7
Insert a World map into Google Drawing. Label and colour the countries competing in RWC 2015. Use one colour for each pool.

Task 9
Create a mascot for your country. Make sure it represents your country in some way. Give it a catchy name. Insert a picture here with its name.


Task 11
Find out for EACH country and display in an interesting way
  • Team name
  • Captain
  • Population of country
  • Capital city
  • Famous landmark
  • A celebrity from this country that you have heard of before
  • A celebration in their country
  • An odd and interesting fact

Monday, October 26, 2015

Scene Writing Term 4

I turn around and in front of my eyes I see a spectacular sight. An isolated scene meets my eyes. White, frosty tree branches reach above the water like icy fingers scratching the cold, crisp air. The freezing water has small ripples on the surface and the small banks are covered in powdery snow. Two tiny ducks glide around under the wooden bridge, which rises majestically above the water. The shimmery water reflects all above it. Snow is heavy on the trees and their branches, drooping down.  A small lamp post stands alone near the bridge. Light blue sky peeks between the trees. A dreamy, serene, snowy scene.

Success Criteria
  • Has strong adjectives
  • Different sentence beginnings
  • Different sentence lengths
  • A simile and/or alliteration
  • Has an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Thoughtful word choices
  • Your own goal

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yachting Safety Rules.

This is one of my yachting tasks. The task was to read a article on optimist yachting and make our own safety rules. I made a poster with all the rules on it. Here are 10 safety rules to remember when optimist yachting.

RWC Task Starter

RWC Starter

Task 1
Choose a country that is in the RWC. Try to pick a country that you do not know much about.

It must not be New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France or England.

Write that country here:


Task 2
FInd out this information about your team.

World ranking: 14th
Continent it is on: Europe
Captain of the team: Sergio Parisse
Team nickname: Azzurri (sky blues)
A picture of the actual uniform

Task 3
Find out this information about this country

Population: 60,795,612
Picture of the flag:

National symbol:

National animal: Italian Wolf
National food: Pasta
Capital city of the country: Rome
A map of the country: