Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 4 3 2 1... Countdowns coming!


Lots of people like supermarkets. I've heard that countdown might be moving next to our school. I don’t think that it is a very good idea. There will be litter, there will be lots of traffic and it might disturb classes. Read this to find out why I think that.

There will be lots of litter. Have you seen litter around the supermarkets before? Well, that’s what will happen to our school. As people walk past, they will throw rubbish onto the ground and it will drift into the school. Then the kids and teachers will have to use some of their time to pick up the rubbish.

Secondly, there will be lots of traffic. That’s a big one. The road patrollers will have a pretty hard time controlling it. Big trucks are very dangerous to children. Cars and trucks will be going all day long and parents will be late picking up their children for there will be too much traffic.

Lastly it will disturb classes. Loud trucks may disturb children while they work. Children will get distracted and they will fall behind in their learning. Then adults may take them to another school because they think that Parkvale is a bad school.

Some people think having a countdown near our school is a good idea because they can do shopping while they drop their kids off at school. Although this is a good side, there is lots of downsides. My opinion is it’s a bad idea.

So that is why I think countdown coming to our school is a bad idea. There will  be lots of traffic, lots of litter and it will disturb classes. Now that you have read this, I hope that you think countdown coming is a bad idea.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dogs Are The Best!!!!!

                  Dogs are the best!

Lots of families and people have pets and I think dogs are the greatest. My opinion is dogs are the best for most people. They are easy to look after, great company and awesome watch dogs. Read on to find out why dogs are the best pet.

Dogs are easy to look after. There is no dirty cage that you have to clean out. Washing them is really easy. Just wash them with the hose. Also, they can live outside in a kennel  if you want them to, not like budgies.

Secondly, dogs are great company. They are very playful and they will play with you a lot. You can also teach them tricks because they are very intelligent. They are very affectionate towards you if you treat them nicely.

Lastly, they are awesome watch dogs. They have really good hearing and will hear almost anything. Dogs are very loyal. When you are out for a walk they will defend you from any danger. They also have a very loud bark so they will warn you if anything bad is about to happen.

Most people think dogs are smelly and messy. However they aren’t. They are very clean and you can wash them if you want.

That is why I think dogs are the best pet. They are simple to look after, awesome company and amazing watch dogs. Now that you have read this, I hope that you will zoom of to your nearest pet shop and buy a dog.