Monday, August 31, 2015

Antoni Gaudi History Project.

Antoni Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia.


Antoni Gaudi is a famous Architect. He has most of his buildings in Barcelona.  The Sagrada Familia is one of them. I will be focusing on this building in particular throughout the project. But I will also tell you about the man himself, Gaudi.

Antoni Gaudi:
Gaudi was born in 1852. He lived till he was 73. The accident that caused his death was tragic. He was taking a walk to church. While walking along, He was struck by a tram and got knocked unconscious. He was assumed to be a beggar because of the shabby clothes he wore, so he did not receive immediate help. In the end a police officer picked him up, and transported him to hospital. By the time he was recognised as Antoni Gaudi the next day, his condition had grown way worse. He died on the 10th of June, 1926.

Sagrada Familia:
Gaudi has many built many buildings. As I said before, the sagrada Familia is one of the most famous. In 1882, they started to build it. It is expected to be finished in 2026.As Gaudi died in 1926, you can imagine it is still not finished. The people in barcelona are trying to carry on building it. It is a very hard job because as they are building it, bits of it are needing to be restored. Why? Because it is 127 years old! The words Sagrada Familia mean ‘Holy Family’. The tallest tower on the Sagrada Familia will be 560 feet when it is built.

The Sagrada Familia is the biggest tourist attraction in Spain.
There is a huge bridge between two of the towers. People visiting like to stand on it and see the view of the whole city. When I look at the Sagrada Familia I think how ridiculously detailed it is. It is absolutely crazy to me. Look at the sagrada familia now and compare it to what it will be when it is finished.

Other Buildings By Gaudi:
Other famous buildings by Antoni Gaudi include the Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Park Guell. They are all crazy designs, but obviously not as crazy as the Sagrada Familia! I think almost all of his buildings are in Barcelona. The Casa Mila was started in 1906 and finished in 1910. The Casa Batllo was built in 1904. Park Guell was started in 1900 and opened in 1914.
Park Guell
Casa batllo
Casa Mila

  That is all my information on Gaudi and his famous buildings. I hope you learnt a bit more about the Sagrada Familia! Got to this link to watch a video about building the Sagrada Familia! :)


Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm Back From My Holiday- But I Didn't Blog About Scotland!

Well I'm back at school and I'm straight back into learning. Our topic this term is Visual Arts. Any way, while I was traveling, I completely forgot to blog about Scotland, which was the main country that we stayed in.

There are so many Castles in Scotland! We went to 2. They were Eileen Donan Castle and Brodie Castle. Eileen Donan castle is located near the Isle of Skye in the UK. You can access it by walking across a bridge to an island where the castle is built. The island is on a huge lake. Inside the Castle is awesome. There are all these staircases spiraling up through the castle walls. They made a bit of fun for the kids by hiding fake skeletons and witch heads in tiny cupboards throughout the castle. 
We went to Brodie castle with our grandparents. This time we didn't just wander aimlessly through it, we got a guide to take us around. This one seemed a little more modern because it had all the old furniture and beds in it. The guide was really good because he told us the whole story of the Brodie family and what the paintings meant. 

The whole time we stayed in Scotland we were staying at my grandparents house. The whole point of going on our holiday was to see our family. My grandparents garden is so awesome! It is actually quite big and it has a badminton net. It is a maze of hedges and sheds. Our cousins live in Elgin, which is an hours drive away. We only went there twice. There is only one of our relations that I haven't mentioned yet. My uncle. He lives in Aberdeen which is ages away from where we were. We were in Lumsden, a tiny village that is basically one street. And it is in the middle of nowhere. But it has awesome walks! My cousin, my sister and I went walking of by ourselves over the hills.

In the middle of all this, we managed to do a trip to England to see my mum's old friends. We saw the Kelpies, which are huge horse heads and they look absolutely awesome! You can climb up inside them and look out through the gaps. Then we went to another friends house. They had 3 dogs, 2 horses/ponies, 4 cats and they are looking after one pony. The last friend we visited was from Trinidad but they had come over to England. Their daughter has just had a baby and when we went over it was only 2 weeks old!

Scotland is an awesome place. I loved getting to know my relatives better and to check out a different country. Scotland is a lot like New Zealand but there is a bit more countryside and tiny villages in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Spain- Pals and Barcelona.

Well, we knew one thing for sure. This was another scorching hot country. We wandered about the airport a bit before getting in a car and driving in the direction of pals. Pals is a small town near Barcelona. We are going to be staying in it for a few days before heading on towards Barcelona.

We eventually arrive at a beach in a little town called Callela. This is the best beach I have ever been to! It had crystal clear waters and it was so nice to escape the heat by diving in. We spent a few hours here before zooming off again.

The days in Pals were spent mainly at the beach. We went to loads of beaches and had fun at mostly all of them. At one of them, I slipped and gashed my toe on the rocks. That wasn't very nice. Slap bang in the middle of Pals is a small Medieval village. We walked around it, admiring all the old buildings and shops. Then we sat down at a small café to have a drink. While we were sitting there, a small band consisting of A Trumpeter, Guitarist and a cellist started to set up next to the Café. You would think this was just an ordinary busking event but no! I think they were professionals because they were selling their CDs and they sounded really good.

Anyway, the time came to move on to Barcelona. When we arrived at our hotel, there was an amazing view of the Torre Agbar. It is a huge tower, that is a bit like a long dome. It is humongous! We went for a walk that night to see the Sagrada Familia. Now, one very famous person in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi. He has built the Sagrada Familia, the Torre Agbar and many more! The Sagrada Familia is a colossal cathedral. This is one of the most famous buildings because Gaudi died in the middle of building it. The people in Barcelona are trying to finish it. It is very hard though because while they are building the rest, bits of it need repairing for it is 100 years old. By the time we set off again, it was dark and we could see the Torre Agbar from miles away. Why? Because it was lit up with powerful red blue and yellow lights. We only stayed in Barcelona for three days and we all felt that it Wasn't enough. Advice for going to Barcelona: Wear a T-shirt and shorts and stay for at least a week!