Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm Back From My Holiday- But I Didn't Blog About Scotland!

Well I'm back at school and I'm straight back into learning. Our topic this term is Visual Arts. Any way, while I was traveling, I completely forgot to blog about Scotland, which was the main country that we stayed in.

There are so many Castles in Scotland! We went to 2. They were Eileen Donan Castle and Brodie Castle. Eileen Donan castle is located near the Isle of Skye in the UK. You can access it by walking across a bridge to an island where the castle is built. The island is on a huge lake. Inside the Castle is awesome. There are all these staircases spiraling up through the castle walls. They made a bit of fun for the kids by hiding fake skeletons and witch heads in tiny cupboards throughout the castle. 
We went to Brodie castle with our grandparents. This time we didn't just wander aimlessly through it, we got a guide to take us around. This one seemed a little more modern because it had all the old furniture and beds in it. The guide was really good because he told us the whole story of the Brodie family and what the paintings meant. 

The whole time we stayed in Scotland we were staying at my grandparents house. The whole point of going on our holiday was to see our family. My grandparents garden is so awesome! It is actually quite big and it has a badminton net. It is a maze of hedges and sheds. Our cousins live in Elgin, which is an hours drive away. We only went there twice. There is only one of our relations that I haven't mentioned yet. My uncle. He lives in Aberdeen which is ages away from where we were. We were in Lumsden, a tiny village that is basically one street. And it is in the middle of nowhere. But it has awesome walks! My cousin, my sister and I went walking of by ourselves over the hills.

In the middle of all this, we managed to do a trip to England to see my mum's old friends. We saw the Kelpies, which are huge horse heads and they look absolutely awesome! You can climb up inside them and look out through the gaps. Then we went to another friends house. They had 3 dogs, 2 horses/ponies, 4 cats and they are looking after one pony. The last friend we visited was from Trinidad but they had come over to England. Their daughter has just had a baby and when we went over it was only 2 weeks old!

Scotland is an awesome place. I loved getting to know my relatives better and to check out a different country. Scotland is a lot like New Zealand but there is a bit more countryside and tiny villages in the middle of nowhere.

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