Friday, July 31, 2015

France, Chamonix!

11:00 pm, we arrived at the house we were going to stay in. It was pitch black. As we got out of the car, I heard a door slowly creak open. Then, a clattering of paws on the gravel and Coco the dog was licking me all over! Coco loves to lick. She will lick almost anything! Dave and Caro, our friends, followed Coco out. My sister and I were put in the basement bedroom. It was really cool. The next day the real fun started. We got up and met Charlie for the first time. Charlie is our friends little baby. He is so cute!

We did a LOT  of things in France. We went to an animal park, we went up a gondola and did a walk up a mountain, we went to the public pool three times, we went swimming in a huge lake with bouncy stuff and we went to an amazing sweet shop! On the last day, I did rock climbing up an actual cliff! It wasn't too high though. After that we clipped on to a zip line (Flying fox, but without a seat) over a small lake! It was a bit low and I got completely dunked in the lake. It was freezing!

In the middle of all this we spent a day in Italy!(Which  is my favourite country!) We visited a castle, a cathedral, ate some delicious gelato (Italian Ice cream) and PIZZA and then we went to the pools. Oh, and I forgot to mention IT WAS WAY TOO HOT!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My time so far in SCOTLAND!

I lay in my small bed, staring at the glow-in-the-dark dolphins on the ceiling. I was in Scotland and it felt different somehow. I couldn't wait to see what amazing things Scotland would bring me. Outside, the fresh air was warm but cold at the same time. Mia, Neesha and I played badminton over the net in the back-garden. I love the back-garden. It is a maze of hedges and flowers, stone paths weaving in and out. When we went walking, it was really pretty. Wild flowers grew in the fields where the highland cattle grazed. It was a bit like New Zealand, but not quite. It was more peaceful and it had way more dogs! My sister counted 113 dogs. So far, Scotland is awesome.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

What We Did In Singapore!

Day 1:
Jurong bird park! It was so hot. There were some amazing birds there like the Scarlet Ibis, the Flamingos, the Parrots and the Toucans. We took millions of photos. We also took some of the Lego girls with the flamingos. We watched a show that had loads of different types of birds doing cool tricks. 

Day 2:
Adventure Cove! We did snorkeling, water sliding, jumping off things, floating in a river and we swam in a fake beach. Snorkeling! We didn't actually go in the sea because we were in a water park! We went in a huge pool with 20,000 fishes. We followed the green arrows on the ground to the end. 
Water slides! We went in the Dueling Racer, Pipeline Plunger, Tidal Twister and Riptide Rocket. Riptide Rocket was the best. It was Asia's first hydro magnetic water slide (whatever that means) and you go up a conveyor belt on your raft. Then you go down steep slides and get pulled straight back up the other side which is equally steep. Jumping! This was a big pool called Splashworks. It had all these things to jump off. I did  the platform, a thin bridge, a rope wall and a climbing rope. River! This was a bit like the lazy river at splash planet but way cooler! As we floated we went past... A marine life tunnel, a stingray enclosure, caves and some Dolphins. Beach! It wasn't a real beach. It was a huge wave pool with humongous waves. It was really awesome and we went in it loads of times.

Day 3: 
Zoo and Night Safari. The Zoo! It was so cool! There were so many animals. We took MILLIONS of photos. There was also a splash pad. Night Safari! We saw a fire breather show before we went in. Then we had to wait one hour before we actually got on the tram. Then we rode around and saw all these amazing animals. When we came back out the fire show was on again and this time I took a video. 

Day 4:
We were meant to be relaxing. We ended up in hot stuffy little India. Boring. Then we went to gardens by the bay. We did a cool sky walk. Poor mum is scared of heights but she did well. I took some amazing photos. 
Then we had to leave. That was sad