Sunday, August 09, 2015

Spain- Pals and Barcelona.

Well, we knew one thing for sure. This was another scorching hot country. We wandered about the airport a bit before getting in a car and driving in the direction of pals. Pals is a small town near Barcelona. We are going to be staying in it for a few days before heading on towards Barcelona.

We eventually arrive at a beach in a little town called Callela. This is the best beach I have ever been to! It had crystal clear waters and it was so nice to escape the heat by diving in. We spent a few hours here before zooming off again.

The days in Pals were spent mainly at the beach. We went to loads of beaches and had fun at mostly all of them. At one of them, I slipped and gashed my toe on the rocks. That wasn't very nice. Slap bang in the middle of Pals is a small Medieval village. We walked around it, admiring all the old buildings and shops. Then we sat down at a small café to have a drink. While we were sitting there, a small band consisting of A Trumpeter, Guitarist and a cellist started to set up next to the Café. You would think this was just an ordinary busking event but no! I think they were professionals because they were selling their CDs and they sounded really good.

Anyway, the time came to move on to Barcelona. When we arrived at our hotel, there was an amazing view of the Torre Agbar. It is a huge tower, that is a bit like a long dome. It is humongous! We went for a walk that night to see the Sagrada Familia. Now, one very famous person in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi. He has built the Sagrada Familia, the Torre Agbar and many more! The Sagrada Familia is a colossal cathedral. This is one of the most famous buildings because Gaudi died in the middle of building it. The people in Barcelona are trying to finish it. It is very hard though because while they are building the rest, bits of it need repairing for it is 100 years old. By the time we set off again, it was dark and we could see the Torre Agbar from miles away. Why? Because it was lit up with powerful red blue and yellow lights. We only stayed in Barcelona for three days and we all felt that it Wasn't enough. Advice for going to Barcelona: Wear a T-shirt and shorts and stay for at least a week!


  1. I love Spain, Malena. Your writing makes me wish I was there again. You have described it very well and I especially like the information you shared on Antoni Gaudi.

    I'm glad you got to swim in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. I swam at Ocean Spa with Leo and Abby the other night and the water was barely warm enough to remove the chill!

  2. Great Job Malena.
    I loved the descriptive words!
    You made me wish I was with you!

  3. Wow Malena! It sounds amazing I wish I was with you!

  4. Wow Malena looks like you had a lot of fun.