Friday, April 24, 2015

My Scene Writing!

Waterfall and Lagoon Scene Writing!
This week In writing I did scene writing. We had to pick a scene and describe it using strong adjectives. I hope you like it!

Schhhhhhh… I turn around trying to figure out what that sound is. I stop and stare in surprise. In front of me is the most magical scene I have ever seen in my life! Branches and vines stretch , entwined over me to make a sort of doorway, inviting me to gaze. Lush leaves sprout from the twigs above me. Cream colored blossoms are draped over everywhere they can fit. Ferns and other plants squeeze through the gaps in the stones at the bottom of the plant doorway. But the most stunning piece of the picture is the lagoon. A shimmery, glistening, lagoon! Mossy, slippery rocks marked the edge of it. The water at the side of it is an emerald colour, changing slowly to aqua as you look further into the mysterious depths of the misty water. On the other side of the small lake there is a steep cliff face. It is not rocky though. It is covered in moss and little plants. Trickling down it is a small waterfall! It is glowing like a candle. It looks like a jewel that has been melted and is dribbling down a cliff. Ivy covers a big, flat rock next to it, to make it look like a small island. Everything before me is perfect. The water is calm, the plants are gently swaying in the breeze and the waterfall is sparkling in the sun. I stand there, grasped in it’s beauty, unable to pull myself away. I blink. Suddenly, it is gone, like a wisp of smoke vanishing into the air. I am staring at a wall. A wall of plants in fact. I smile to myself. No one will ever see what I’ve seen. No one will ever know!

By Malena


  1. Wow Malena I can definitely picture your scene in my head.
    Your words that you used were so magical.
    Well done.

  2. Well done Malena.
    You described that well and you put a picture in my head.
    You also had an amazing scene to describe.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Great job Malena! I can already picture in my head what it is like, Keep up the awesome work.

  4. wow this is so cool you shooed ceep it up 'good goob'

  5. Love it Malena - Mum x