Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 8 - Reading Connections Egmont.


Got to this link to see an amazing video!

I am blogging this because, I think I did a great job of these connections. We were learning to make connections from the three chapters of The Silver Sword. These were the connections:  

Buildings were burnt out shells.
In Agent Angel, all the buildings were destroyed.             TT

The Nazis blew up the house.
War is going on all over the world.                              TW

Your hair will turn white.
Jack Frost                                                                  TT

The boy could run, talk, point out landmarks and eat, all at the same time. 
My mum can do a lot of things at once.                              TS

"You little Pick pocket!"
There was a pick pocket in the movie Paddington.            TT

"I'm going to jump a train"
2 kids did train surfing and almost go themselves killed.          TW

The boy has a box for his special things.
I have a box for my special Things.                                       TS


  1. Nice work and showing us that

  2. You shared fantastic connections, Malena. Love the Silver Sword group!

    Very cool Powtoon video that you created as well. Good example of learn, create, share!

  3. Great video Malena - I want to read this book even more now -maybe I will get it for the trip!

  4. Your connections are fantastic too M. Happy reading! Mum

  5. Hi Malena, I am glad you are reading this book, I read it to Will and Kieran when they were about your age I found it incredibly moving. Another book we liked was The Call of the Wild by Jack London you might like that too. From Auntie Ali.