Monday, May 12, 2014

Leap Of Faith!

` Leap of Faith!
I’m quaking at the top of the slanted wooden pole. I glance down. Everyone below me look like ants. The knotted rope is the only thing helping me keep my balance.Staring at the trapeze in front of me I think, Will I be able to leap a whole metre?‘ You can do this Malena!’ I told my self. A look of determination crossed my face. I threw myself at the trapeze. The jump was in slow motion for me. Half way there I thought I wasn't going to make it. Finally I gripped the  bar with my finger tips! “ Well done Malena!” Came the shouts from below. I swung back and forth a few times and then released the bar. My harness lowered me slowly to the ground.Rushing to meet me, my friend gave me a hi-five. Once I had the harness taken off, we trooped outside. For 10 minutes after that I was shaking like an earthquake, freaked out but glad I did it!
By Malena.

This is the success criteria I used:
*Beginning grabs the readers attention by starting at an most exciting bit
* Creating suspense by keeping the reader thinking till the end
* Used exciting word choices verbs (doing words) Specific nouns (name words)
* Used I statements
* No repeated words or sentence starters
* Paragraphs to make it easier to read.

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  1. Awesome job Malena! I like all the detail!
    From Sage!