Friday, March 06, 2015

Super hero story part 2

The story of moon part 2!

Augh… Jesse Norton groaned. She blinked her eyes groggily. Pitch black. Her skin felt cold and was completely covered in something soft. Where was she? “Oh no…” she realized, “I’m under water!” She thrashed about wildly in panic.
“I’m going to die!” she wailed, but it came out as a bubbly speech. She couldn't hold out much longer. She opened her mouth and breathed in, expecting to feel water rushing into her lungs. Instead, her lungs were filled with cold air.  Oxygen! She felt so relieved she didn't notice she was breathing under water. She saw a bluish glow in the distance. She swam towards it, wondering if she could get out of this watery prison.

She squinted through the gloom. People! They were staring at her! She swam faster, determined to get to them before they swam away. She was just about to reach them when BANG! Her face smashed into something. Uh oh. Glass. The people were still staring at her, laughing now. She was in a glass tank, probably in an aquarium.
“Why can't they see  that I’m  human?” she said, backing away from the glass wall separating her and the onlookers. Her sad reflection stared mournfully back at her. She had no hair at all. Her arms were slimy pieces of seaweed and her legs had morphed together, like a tail. No wonder those people thought she was some sort of sea creature. She could hardly contain her misery. Down she sank, until she bumped the bottom and a cloud of sand rose up.

Suddenly , a voice came over a loudspeaker.
“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the show! Here we have this amazing creature to show you today. Above it , is a huge electronic wave. Scientists say if you get hit by that wave you will not survive. This creature is so weird, we thought we would try it out on this thing. We shall just make sure the wave is on by putting a crab in front of it.” Jesse listened in amazement. She swam as fast as she could, towards the top of the huge tank. A crab dangled from a string, just above her head. At the other end of the tank, a colossal wave raced towards the dangling lump of shell. A shiver of wonder and horror passed over her body. The wave was above her now. It hovered in the most menacing way. A scream escaped from Jesse’s mouth as she ducked under the gloomy water.

CRASH! The wave frothed and fizzed around her. She bobbed up on the surface. The crab still hung directly above her. Suddenly, it dropped. Before she had time to move out of the way, it landed on her arm and nipped her left hand. “Aauugh” she howled in agony. Her body started to change. Her hair grew long and wavy. Her legs and arms returned to normal and her left hand sported a shell encrusted glove. Her body became encased in a long, sea blue dress and a shimmery, flowing cape hung off her back. The crab attached itself to her head.

They floated down to the glass. A voice in Jesse’s head told her
“You are a superhero now. Use your powers.” Slowly she lifted her left hand. She pointed it at the people who were now staring at her, paralysed with surprise and fear. Woosh! A stream of water shot from her hand. Her hand glowed a light blue. The glass in front of her shattered. People fled screaming in fear. A wave of water swept out taking her with it. Surprisingly, instead of falling into the water and being tossed about, she rode the wave like she was on her surfboard back at the beach. She felt a pang of sadness. Where was her family? She came to a stop in the middle of a large room. Using the water from her hand as a jet, she blasted towards the roof. The crab on her head shot something from it’s nippers. It hit the roof and the tin melted away, forming a hole.She shot through the whole and was overcome by a wave of sleepiness. She floated down to the tin roof and fell asleep.

She woke up to find herself staring into the soft glow of something in the sky. She could feel the moon’s pull throughout her body. Every superhero needs a name, and she was in the light of one now.  She felt the sudden urge to speak.

“My name is… Moon!

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