Monday, May 18, 2015

Thank You Letters!

Dear Simon⛺,
I hope you really enjoyed camp, I really did. One thing I am very thankful for is that you took a week off your work to be with us. That was very nice of you! I really enjoyed the meals you and the other dads cooked. They were delicious! Thank you for helping the Candy Buddies with their dinner. We almost forgot some things but you reminded us and that made our dish one of the best! We ended up coming second equal in Master Chef. Also I would like to thank you for coming with the Candy Buddies on the night detectives. You helped us when you told us how to remember the sentence. When you played the Animal Game it was really fun. You said some really funny jokes as well! My favorite part was when we went on the rock hopping walk. I really liked climbing the rocks. That was really fun! I also liked it when we ran all the way to Michael Noonan's grave. I was running really fast and I found it hard to stop! My most challenging part was the last cave. I found it hard to hold onto the rope and I was slipping down quite fast. But you were helping us down and I did it! You made a big difference to camp. I hope you had a great time!

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Mike,

I hope you did really enjoyed camp, I did. One of my reasons that I enjoyed it was because of you! You made camp really fun for me by cracking jokes all the time. Thank you so much for serving dinner and breakfast! Those meals were some of the best I have ever had.

My favorite part of camp was when we had Master Chef. You did a great job of coming round and giving us tips.

The time I was challenged was the last cave. I was a bit scared because my head torch was dim and the cave was quite dark. But you were encouraging us and I made it to the end.

When we walked to those falls, I found it very interesting when you did a handstand and walked on your hands. You are very talented! My favorite thing you did was remembering everyone's animal names and numbers. That took a lot of brains! Also I would like to thank you for drawing that awesome page in the book. It looked amazing!  I hope you had a great time and really enjoyed camp too.

Yours sincerely,
Malena, Puma, 19.

Thank You!

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