Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Space Explanation!

How does the Sun Affect Earth?
Have you ever wondered how the sun affects earth? Well in this explanation you will find the answer to that and maybe some other facts. We take the sun for granted and find out why by reading this.

Plants and animals
Plants need sunlight to grow. They also need the water cycle to grow. The sun is related to the water cycle because it plays the part of evaporation. The water cycle makes the rain plants need and the sun provides the sunlight for them. The plants that are grown are sometimes given to animals and humans. It helps us survive.

Heat and light
Do you know how hot the sun is? It is 15,000,000 Celsius at the core and 5,600 Celsius on the surface. The sun gives us heat even though it is 93 miles away. It takes eight minutes for the suns light reach our planet. The sun is so bright that if you look at it with no protection for more than 3 seconds it will cause permanent eye damage.

Day and night
Without the sun, it would always be night. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Or so we think it rises and sets. The earth is spinning all the time. It takes 24 hours for the sun to complete 1 rotation. The sun stays where it is and we spin. That's what makes the sun rise and set. It is also why we have day and night.

Is the sun a star?
Yes it is. It is one of the many stars in the sky. The sun is actually a medium sized star. The other stars are very very big. They don’t seem big to us because they are quite far away. It is possible that there are other solar systems in space besides our one.

Well, as you can see, the sun affects earth in many ways. Without the sun we would not be living.

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